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Cut The Sh!t
You know what needs to stop?
Bathroom Hate.
Filth on the walls.
And crap in the stalls.
Do you feel like a man
With a pen in your hand
Writing racist garbage
While you sit on the can?
Maybe you should wipe your mind
As well as your crack.
Maybe you should read a book
And get your life on track
Stop drawing breasts to try and be cool
And start realizing you're a sexist tool
So how about next time you stop to think
Put your pen away and save the ink
Maybe look at yourself
When you use the sink
Because I don't care if you're black, white, or brown
And I don't care if gay people make you frown
But when you bring your hate in off the street
I want to pee on you instead of the seat
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Deep Sleep
Rose opens her eyes, but the room she's lying in is darker than the darkest of nights.  The pillow beneath her is soft and cradles her head soothingly, perfectly. The long dress wrapped around her body, fits her nicely, hugging her curves like a lost lover.  A stray hair tickles her heavily make-upped face, and she reaches up to brush it away.  But, her arm is stiff, and aches, as she reaches towards the stray hair. She brushes her knuckles against the thick comforter pulled high over her head.  The comforter must be the reason for the darkness, but Rose is too tired to care. She rests her arms at her sides, hands cupped on her stomach.  The pain in her arm slowly begins to fade away.  Exhausted but restless, Rose reaches up to push the comforter away, her lungs  burning as it becomes harder and harder to breath.  She pushes at the comforter but it doesn't move.  Something very heavy is holdi
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Winnipeg Summer
The chained bark echoes down mirrored blocks, like heartbeats down highways.
Metallic extensions rolling down the street like the steady flow of blood past this city's teeth.  
The dawn barely exhales out of the night as sirens sing of motorized indigestion.
Alcohol and hate seethe from the gutters, spilling onto TV like a dirty Hallmark movie.
Blurring eyes worldwide.
The temperature outside is a vicious mirage, setting fire to your goose-bumps as it tears down daydreams.
Then when the moment to relax appears on the horizon like a ghost ship full of gold, only one question remains…
Who put out the sun?
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Death From a Dame
The Car
Shudders as I force the brake down towards the floor
I pull into a parking spot, almost too small to dock
My hands stick to the steering wheel
Sweat clings to me like a lounge singer's dress.
I drag the key out of the ignition and light a cigarette.
The smoke burns my eyes, and the car smells like desperation
I open the door and slide out onto
The Street
I swear it has a life of its own, always breathing, heaving, cracking
Cars line each side, forced together like a makeshift puzzle
I take a deep breath and the smell of life hits me square in the face
The embers of a smoky death glow on my lips as I start to walk
I run halfway across when impatience honks and gives me the finger.
My shoes stick with each step, in this humidity even the pavement sweats
I push through a doorway and feel
The Music
The kind that punches into your chest,
And rattles your heart like your first breakup.   
The lust is so thick I can almost see the notes fighting through the air
I follow
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Mature content
Angelica Demonicous: Chapter 1 :icon198three:198three 0 1


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